City of Industry Roofing provides services all throughout Southern California. 

Our Vision

At Micasa Pro Roofers, we understand the unique needs of commercial property owners. Your roof needs to be strong, reliable, safe, and attractive at all times. We can help you achieve these goals with our expert commercial roof repair. Micasa Pro Roofers employs highly skilled, professional roofers who can be trusted to perform any kind of commercial roof repair, in a fast and cost-effective manner. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and deliver quality service on every job we take on. Business owners with commercial properties are always looking for top quality commercial roofing contractors and affordable roofing solutions. Your commercial roof protects your business, your staff and your products and equipment therefore, your roof is essential to running a successful business. Maintaining your roof with regular roof inspections, roof maintenance routines should help eliminate the need for costly roof repairs such as a complete re-roofing. Roofing contractors like Micasa Pro Roofing will be willing to work within any business owners budget which includes seeking the best quality roofing materials. High quality roofs and the high-quality roof materials can facelift simple buildings into safe needed spaces to house your precious materials, products, equipment and staff. Hiring a professional roofing contractor better understands what a business requires to turn your commercial building into a more productive and useful building. Commercial roofing companies that provide durable roofing materials will help save on long term renovation costs. Make sure your business remains protected by ensuring your roof is up to date and safe. Contact Micasa Pro Roofing, City Of Industry Commercial roofing!